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A Life In Transformation


When my life as I knew it blew apart in 2004, I need a place to feel safe. I needed to know that in the chaos, Someone had things firmly in control. I stumbled around trying to make sense of the senseless and to find a way through to more steady ground and a way out of the shame and pain. 


I found that security, release, and confidence under the wings and shelter of God. Psalms 63 and 91 were reminders. He is my shield, my protection, my downy comfort under the magnificent wings of the Creator of the universe.


Under His Wings is a ministry in development. With 30 years of ministry behind me, God called me out to a new place. My aim is to be a helper, one who comes along side those weighed down by the challenges of life, tripped up by the hurt of stuck places, and needing a reminder to hold on to hope. 


But, just as I was that first time I said yes to God's invitation and calling, I'm "holding on for the ride" as he shapes, equips, and sets the course. Since January 2018 I have been serving as Chaplain at a place where those with special needs find help, healing, and hope through therapy on the back of a horse. 


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